A Pretty Good Blog Post About Perfectionism

If you’re hung up in maladaptive perfectionism, cursing yourself because you still can’t sail to the North Star, there are things you can do to take a new approach. Your perfectionistic ideal is profoundly important, so don’t jettison that. Instead, put it to work making your life better.

Burning Bright, Not Burning Out

That thing you love to do? The swing of the racket, or the turn of the phrase; The moment of ‘Aha!’ realization; An exhiliarating sprint; The balance of color under your brush; Engrossed and immersed in a state of flow/joy; The core of why you do the things you love...

The P Word

Your gifted adolescent is astounding. She learns things so easily. She picks up new skills with ease. She has empathy, compassion, and insight well beyond her years. You think she spends too much time Snapchatting, YouTubing, and laying about. You see that...

Letter To The Parents Of That Teenager

Minerva and Keanu, It was great to hear y’all talk yesterday about your fascination with the changes you’ve made. Sherm has managed to surprise you with his initiative, and the resulting lighter household mood has created all sorts of opportunities: relaxed...

My Letter To Your Teenager

Sherm, I’m looking forward to our appointment on Friday. It’s been great seeing you relax, explore your inner world, brainstorm about possible futures, and take the pressure off of yourself to be perfect. Here’s hoping you got enough sleep last night, because I know...

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