Gifted folks are infamous for our conscientiousness and drive. This can look like hard work that tips into overwork, a search for excellence that tips into perfectionism, a striving for right-living that tips into chronic dissatisfaction. So many of us are trying to just be here now and enjoy our lives. We try all manner of self-care, therapies, and self-help.

Improv offers an alternate route. Rather than all that trying and striving, Improv invites you to the present through play. When you’re in a Zoom room of gifted peers playing Improv games, there’s no place for striving, working, or perfection. It’s all about being present, trusting ourselves and each other, and learning how to improvise our way through life. We laugh a lot. It’s always fun. Come!

The next six-week group of Improv for Gifted Adults runs from September 17 through October 22, Sundays from 1pm-2:15pm Eastern Time.

The next six-week group of Improv for 2e+ Teens runs from September 18 through October 23, Mondays from 7pm-8:15pm Eastern Time.

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