Are you gifted?

I had my IQ tested, and my Full Scale IQ or GAI exceeds 130 (you can skip the rest of this quiz!)

1. People tell me that I’m “too” (too intense, too productive, too ‘in my head’, etc.)
2. Learning new things is something I’m doing most all the time
3. I have intense fascinations with ideas or projects
4. Deciding what to do with my time is difficult because I have so many interests
5. People often joke that I have ADHD or OCD or that I am autistic
6. I don’t like small talk
7. As a young person, I experienced existential awakenings
8. I experience perfectionism in my work, chores, relationships, ethics, spirituality, and/or self-image
9. Unconventional and/or nonconforming are words that describe my approach to life
10. I experience sensory stimuli intensely (high sensitivity to sounds, smells, etc.)
11. I am consistently curious about how things work or why they work that way
12. I consider myself creative
13. I am relentlessly self-critical
14. While I am obviously gifted in some areas, I am average or below-average in others
15. It’s difficult for me to find people with whom I can connect deeply
16. I consistently seek ongoing intellectual, emotional, physical, and/or sensual stimulation
17. I am very inquisitive
18. Meaning and purpose are central concerns for me
19. Authenticity is something I long for and push for in myself and others
20. I am highly sensitive to others’ emotional states
21. People tell me I have unique problem-solving skills
22. Idealism is my normal
23. My imagination is extremely vivid
24. I pick up on details that others don’t notice
25. Learning is easy for me
26. I am often impatient with others
27. When asked how I know something, I often can’t recall (as though the information had just somehow been absorbed without pursuing it)
29. As an infant I was unusually aware and attentive
29. I was precocious in my language development – speech and reading in particular
30. Injustices raise my ire in intense ways
31. Idealism and perfectionism have been present with me since I was a child
32. I am independent in my pursuits
33. I have a broad range of interests
34. My sense of humor is keen, sharp, quick, etc.
35. I need less sleep than most people
36. High expectations often leave me disappointed and frustrated (with myself and with others)
37. It feels like I am weird or different
38. My vocabulary is very large
39. I can be very passionate about a person, interest, or project and then quickly grow bored with it
40. It’s natural for me to see multiple perspectives when considering an issue
41. I can synthesize disparate facts and concepts more easily than many
42. I’m often regarded as quirky, odd, weird, overexcitable, passionate, etc

If you resonated with the majority of these questions, you are likely gifted.