Is your teen gifted?

I had my child’s IQ tested, and their Full Scale IQ or GAI exceeds 130 (you can skip the rest of this quiz!)

1. Intensity in one or more of these areas: Intellect, Emotions, Imagination, Senses, Physical Activity
2. Enjoys intellectual conversation and activities
3. Language skills developed early in life (speech, writing)
4. Unusually alert and attentive as an infant
5. Age-nontypical intellect paired with age-typical emotions
6. Love of learning/Intense hunger to learn as a young child
7. Large, broad vocabulary
8. Has/had sensory hypersensitivities (picky eater, strong reactions to certain touch, etc.)
9. Deeply concerned about justice and fairness
10. Perfectionistic
11. Idealistic
12. Quirky sense of humor
13. More motivated by their own goals than the goals of others
14. External consequences for behavior don’t have the expected effect
15. Prefers the company of people older than them
16. Notices details/perspectives that others do not
17. Ability to think abstractly and to synthesize information with unexpected ease
18. Has an excellent memory
19. Original thinker
20. Nonconformity/unconventionality
21. Experiences feelings of being different and not knowing why
22. Unusual or extremely vivid imagination
23. Intense curiosity
24. High energy, needs less sleep than many others their age
25. Critical thinker
26. Relentless when pursuing something they want
27. Argumentative/Debate prone
28. Creative problem-solver
29. Evidence of talent and interests in a broad variety of areas
30. Deep empathy
31. Strong intuition
32. Aesthetic sensitivities – color, balance, light, beauty – reflected in emotional experience
33. Age-nontypical insights into the motivations and feelings of others
34. As a parent, you often find yourself speaking to them as though they were adults
35. As a parent, you find yourself repeatedly surprised at the breadth and depth of their abilities, empathy, and/or insight
36. As a parent, you often feel outmatched by their emotional/intellectual intensities

If you resonated with the majority of these questions regarding your teenager, they are likely gifted.