New Improv for Gifted Adults group launches on May 19!

Come unmasked. Discover yourself in community and in play. Transform perfectionism through spontaneity. Transcend social defenses through trust in your actual peers.

Improv is a unique and hilariously effective avenue for gifted self-development. It’s a place for gifted people to show up openly – laughing together and supporting each other.

I am working with Lisa Bany, Chief Improv Officer of Improv Therapy Group, to develop an improv curriculum focused on the needs of gifted adults. Register here.

This class offers an eight-week experience in which we come together (on zoom) with our gifted peers to explore, experiment, and play. Through Improv games and exercises we cultivate openness & playfulness, relaxation & self-care, emotional intelligence & empathy, and creative storytelling & expression

Together, we practice spontaneous group creativity and connection. A core improv principle is the concept of “Yes, And”. This simple, profound concept gives us a chance to explore parts of ourselves, our minds, and our relationships that gifted people don’t get to do often enough, if at all. Imagine a room full of gifted people, relaxed and laughing together – true social mirroring. It provokes a genuine sense of social safety, and that means you get to be yourself, co-create, and play.

Here are. a few examples of what weekly themes focus on:

Magic words — improv for acknowledging the realities of others, letting ideas be heard, and encouraging spontaneous and exploratory expression

In the now — improv for active listening and reacting in the moment
Perfect is boring — improv for letting go of being right and in control, and enjoying what is imperfectly created

Brain yoga — improv for challenging our habitual ways of thinking and opening up new cognitive pathways

Repeal inhibition – Improv for social openness and playfulness

Heal thyself — Improv for relaxing and taking care of yourself

I second that emotion — Improv for amping up emotional intelligence and empathy

Our stories, ourselves — Improv for creative storytelling and expression

See you there, compatriots!

Improv for Gifted Adults – Virtual





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