Our Wild Minds is offering up this important opportunity for BIPOC Gifted adults.

“Our Wild Minds offers live, online courses that help highly creative, gifted, and twice-exceptional BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and women befriend and operationalize their natural gifts.

Informed by best practices in psychodynamic psychotherapy, gifted psychology, racial trauma healing, and ecopsychology, courses foster a combination of intellectual inquiry, emotional processing, and community building not typically found in clinical therapy groups or strictly academic courses.”

Black Brilliance Circle is a six month course that begins in June, 2023. You can read more about it here.

Key Themes

  • Foundational concepts from the psychology of intensity, creativity, and giftedness
  • A critical history of (racialized) intelligence testing and its consequences
  • The politics of (Black) giftedness, barriers to identification, and what’s at stake
  • Unique contours of intensity, creativity, and giftedness in Black
  • The intersections of racial trauma and gifted trauma
  • Existential depression, Black existentialism, and Afropessimism
  • Black history, thought, speculation, and creativity as resources for healing and thriving
  • Posthumanism and Black belonging in a more-than-human world
  • Nature connection practices to foster Black belonging and aliveness
  • Honoring the reality of Black brilliance amidst denial and dehumanization
  • Resourcing the self and allowing ourselves to shine in authentic ways”

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