People Who Get Me is a group coaching experience for gifted adults that begins on July 18 and runs weekly from 6:15-7:45pm for six weeks. Cost for the entire series is $299. You are invited to be a part of it. Just drop me an email at
From the introduction to the group:

“Outliers like us can have a hard time finding deeply meaningful connections. Through PWGM, you can expect to come to a deeper understanding of your own giftedness, and you’ll be connecting with each other in a space where we can be fully ourselves and learn more about what that means. As far as I know now, there will be four people (+me) participating – each gifted, each with a different manifestation and expression of their gifted selves.

As is laid plain in the name of the group, our focus will be on the opportunity to relate to one another. Through this process you’ll be learning about yourselves and about what it means to be a gifted person in the world.”

“I’ll share materials weekly as well as food-for-thought items to prime the pump for sessions. The themes for those sessions may change as we learn more about each other and about which areas of focus may be most relevant. Some examples include:

Giftedness writ large

Overexcitabilities, sensitivities, and intensities

Autonomy and Conscientiousness



Existential sensibilities


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