New Improv for Gifted Adults (I4GA) group launches on March 27, 2022! Click this link to register.

For Gifted Adults, Improv provides a deep, moving, hilarious approach to practicing trust with yourself and others, transcending perfectionism, and feeling an unmatched experience of unconditional support.

Participants are surprised at how game-based mirroring and supportive structures so quickly allow them to feel socially secure. I want every gifted person on the planet to try this at least once, so they can know how it feels to feel secure and supported in a room of peers who lead equally intense lives.

Feel attunement in a group of neuro-atypical people like you. Come unmasked. Discover yourself in community and in play. Transform perfectionism through spontaneity. Transcend social defenses through trust in your actual peers.

Improv is a unique and uproariously effective avenue for gifted self-development. It’s a place for gifted people to show up openly – laughing together and supporting each other.

Lisa Bany, Chief Improv Officer of Improv Therapy Group, and I have developed an improv curriculum focused on the needs of gifted adults. Register here.

This class offers an eight-week Zoom experience to explore, experiment, and play. Through Improv games and exercises we cultivate openness & playfulness, relaxation & self-care, emotional intelligence & empathy, and creative storytelling & expression. Sundays, beginning March 27, at 1pm Eastern Time, each class lasts 75 minutes. The cost for the group is $360.

I4GA practices spontaneous group creativity and connection. Our core I4GA principles are “Yes, And” and “I got your back”. These simple, profound agreements give us a space a to explore normally-guarded parts of ourselves, our minds, and our relationships. Imagine a room full of gifted people, relaxed and laughing together – true social mirroring, a genuine sense of social safety. You get to be yourself, co-create, grow, and play.

Here are some examples of our weekly themes:

Magic words — improv for acknowledging the realities of others, letting ideas be heard, and encouraging spontaneous and exploratory expression

In the now — improv for active listening and reacting in the moment

Perfect is boring — improv for letting go of being right and in control, and enjoying what is imperfectly created

Brain yoga — improv for challenging our habitual ways of thinking and opening up new cognitive pathways

Repeal inhibition – Improv for social openness and playfulness

Heal thyself — Improv for relaxing and taking care of yourself

I second that emotion — Improv for amping up emotional intelligence and empathy

Our stories, ourselves — Improv for creative storytelling and expression

There are only twelve spots available, so register ASAP to guarantee your spot. See you there!

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