Once you’ve realized that your giftedness has everything to do with the way you interact with the world, the next, inevitable steps are toward recalibrating, reorienting, and living a life more aligned with who you are. This group provides gifted adults a space to explore their neurodivergences in a virtual room full of other outliers. In my years working with gifted people, I’ve seen that loneliness is the most common affliction of the uncommon, and People Who Get Me (PWGM) is designed to be a balm and a laboratory.


This six-week group coaching experience is open to all self-identified gifted people. The overlap between giftedness and a host of other neurodivergences is broad and deep. Characteristics of what the neurotypical world calls autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity, dyslexia, dyscalculia, aphantasia, synesthesia, etc. are elements of the gifted experience that you may possess. Pathologizing those characteristics and the innate intensity and complexity of giftedness results in cultures where gifted people learn to internalize rejection and shame, where we learn to mask our authentic selves in order to make it.

The Details:

– Six sessions, weekly except for holidays
– Minimum of six participants and a maximum of nine
– Once filled, the group will choose start and ongoing dates
– Optional readings and reflection prompts sent weekly
– Each week’s themes are drawn from the previous week’s exploration
– Each PWGM group is unique in its content
– Facilitation by Gordon Smith, a licensed counselor
– Large group and breakouts each session
– Each session lasts at least 90 minutes
– $275 total / $220 Equity Rate available for BIPOC participants

How it works…
Once we get to our minimum number of participants (8), we’ll settle on a day/time/start date. This process is one I’ve used in the past, and it’s easier than you might imagine.

Prior to the opening session, I’ll send everyone a document with links to some readings as well as some prompts for reflection. It’s all optional.

At the opening session, we’ll establish our group norms and get to know each other in various ways, including sharing some of our gifted journeys. I’ve been leading groups for a couple of decades now, and I’ve figured ways to do this that are meaningful and non-cringe.

I will facilitate large group and breakout room explorations. The themes and questions that emerge from the group will provide the foundation for our Week Two content. We’ll repeat this iterative process each week, making PWGM a group process that responds to each group’s needs rather than following a pre-determined formula. By the end of the series, we’ll all know each other deeply, feel accepted and seen, and understand ourselves better than we did when we arrived on the first night.


Past participants have said…

“I was shocked by how quickly the group members and I were able to freely share our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I was also surprised and overjoyed with the comfort doing so provided. Gordon did an excellent job providing us with thoughtful and helpful material to read and discuss and expertly moderated the group sessions.” – Trent M.

“Being newly aware of my giftedness, this group came along at the perfect time.  It has given me a sense of community and connectedness with other gifted people, and much opportunity for personal growth.  The topics we explored have helped me have a better understanding of my experience of life, and challenged me to expand my own thinking.  Gordon is truly gifted at what he does.  He provided a wealth of information that I will continue to study and practice in the present and future.” – Keri H.

“I was looking for a group of similar thinkers who were possibly experiencing the same troubles I was having navigating the workplace and relationships as a gifted person. I appreciated the group as a whole and individually from the first day. I felt as if I was in a real conversation with people who “got me” because I was. It was an unfamiliar experience. Gordon led the group in an organized way we all appreciated but also asked for our input so it was meaningful to us. I enjoyed homework assignments because it kept me focused on the work we were doing in group between sessions. If you are feeling like an outlier and it is impeding your ability to feel successful in work, any type of relationship including with yourself, or preventing you from engaging fully in life, I would recommend this group to you with great confidence. Gordon is open and receptive and keeps the environment comfortably intimate while making sure everyone’s needs are met and you challenge yourself.” – S.E.

I hope you’ll be a part of it. Register here.

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