Gifted Families

Counseling for Gifted Families

Frustrated. Out of ideas. Wishing things could change.

Your family is the cornerstone of your life, and you want it to be harmonious, supportive, and fun. Right now things are more likely contentious, distant, and acrimonious.

Fighting. Everyone going to their corners. Everyone reacting negatively to everyone else.

You’re wondering how you got here and how you can possibly turn it around.

Families create cultures, and sometimes those cultures are full of unintended consequences.


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Family counseling is an opportunity to untangle the knots and choose a different way of life.

Giftedness in families looks intense. Intense interests, intense emotions, intense imaginations. You’re a bundle of live wires. If all of those wires are in accord, then you can light up a city. If those wires are crossed, then it’s explosions, short circuits, and sitting in the dark.

Family counseling begins with an understanding of what’s happening now. From there we go through a process of imagining possible futures, and what it will take from each of you to get there. We compose a vision, based on your values. Then we head into goalsetting and planmaking.

Every step of the way, I’ll be making sure every one of you feels heard and understood. We’ll implement the plan and tweak it along the way as we learn what’s working and what isn’t.

It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely worth it. Your family can feel so much closer and so much more relaxed.

Imagine that. Relaxing together. Being non-reactive.

Everyone taking responsibility for their own actions, feelings, and well-being. Everyone communicating their needs in ways that can be heard. Feeling supported, accepted, and respected.

Family counseling provides the opportunity to set a course that can improve your lives.

You’re an amazing collection of humans, and you can all shine brighter when you come together.

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