Gifted Adults

Do you recognize some or all of the following characteristics in yourself?

  • gifted
  • talented
  • creative
  • asynchronous (very advanced in some areas but not in others)
  • overexciteable
  • twice exceptional (gifted + learning disability or other challenge)
  • highly sensitive
  • intense
  • quirky

Are you experiencing some or all of the things below?

  • perfectionism
  • high anxiety
  • loneliness
  • disorganization
  • job frustration
  • serial relationships
  • self-criticism
  • defiance
  • cravings for intensity that you can’t figure out how to meet
  • existential dread/angst/apathy/etc.

You've come to the right place.

Gifted Adults

You didn’t suddenly become gifted, but you may have suddenly realized it in your adult years. People talk to you about your intensity – of thought, of emotion, of imagination or sensuality – like it’s a bad thing.

You find yourself struggling to adapt to work environments that just don’t suit you, and you suffer chronic dissatisfaction as a result. Conformity just isn’t your jam.

You cycle from fascination to mastery to boredom. You are talented in multiple ways and haven’t figured out how to explore all of your different interests while making a living and raising a family.

Your strengths and talents were muffled as you tried to fit in to a world that doesn’t understand you. Or you may have taken on perfectionism and anxiety as ways of life.

You may have taken a deep dive into substance abuse in an effort to meet your needs for intensity, cope with depression, or dampen your heightened sensitivities to the world around you. You may have a nagging sense of being incomplete and disconnected from the world.

Those critical years during which identity formation is at the forefront can leave gifted adults with some treasured beliefs and some destructive ones. If your strengths were pathologized, it’s time to reclaim them as the strengths they are.

If you were taught negative self-regard because of your giftedness, you should know that those thoughts can be re-examined and revised in the light of who you are and who you want to become.

Counseling helps the gifted adult better understand how you’ve gotten where you are today and how to move forward into a life with more freedom, fulfillment, and integrity.

It helps you to establish a direction for yourself, and it empowers you to get from here to there in the healthiest, most expedient ways possible.

We can have a free initial consultation over the phone (or via my secure video platform) to answer all the questions you have and to determine whether we are a good fit to work together. Contact me to set that up.

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