Gifted Adult Group

People Who Get Me

A Group to Support Gifted Adults

  • Monday nights
  • January 13 through March 16
  • 6:15pm – 7:45pm
  • $50/session
  • Limit of 6 members

When you’ve had a lifetime of feeling like the odd one out, the experience of being together with people who understand your intensities and your anxieties, your perfectionism and your idealism, is powerful. Being gifted comes with social confusion and isolation, and group counseling is a proven way to overcome the insecurities trained into gifted people by a society that does not understand you.

The lives of the differently wired are qualitatively different from the neuromajority’s. I invite you to join with people who get you.

“Being newly aware of my giftedness, group counseling came along at the perfect time.  It has given me a sense of community and connectedness with other gifted people, and much opportunity for personal growth.  The topics we explored have helped me have a better understanding of my experience of life, and challenged me to expand my own thinking.  Gordon is truly gifted at what he does.  He provided a wealth of information that I will continue to study and practice in the present and future.” – K.H.

Meeting weekly on Monday nights from 6:15 – 7:45pm, the group draws from various resources to focus on your shared experiences. The group will have some thematic structure and will also allow for exploration of your personal gifted experiences. Some of the themes you can expect to address are anxiety, perfectionism, multipotentiality, existential issues, social situations, asynchrony, frustration, and more.

You’ll meet people who are at various stages of their gifted identity development journey. You’ll feel like an equal in a community of equals. You’ll give and receive. You’ll help others and be helped by them. You’ll have a safe, supportive place to practice becoming more fully yourself. You’ll learn things you didn’t know. You’ll grow. You’ll laugh. You’ll feel like you belong.

“I was shocked by how quickly the group members and I were able to freely share our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I was also surprised and overjoyed with the comfort doing so provided. Gordon did an excellent job providing us with thoughtful and helpful material to read and discuss and expertly moderated the group sessions.” – T.M.

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