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Your gifted adolescent is bursting with talents and may be beleaguered by frustration and anxiety. Neurotypical settings may be resulting in your teen feeling bored, lonely, or misunderstood. Conventional expectations may be affecting your teen negatively, as they struggle to fit into a society that values normalcy over excellence. Gifted teens are more likely to experience perfectionism, low self-esteem, high sensitivity, and emotional intensity. They’re often wrongly diagnosed or pathologized by systems that don’t understand them or appreciate their gifted nature. Add another exceptionality like dyslexia, ADHD, or autism, and their twice exceptionality renders them even more vulnerable to being profoundly misunderstood. I work with gifted and 2e adolescents to make the most of their superpowers and overcome their challenges. Click here to read more about counseling for gifted adolescents.

If you’re a gifted adult, you may often feel alone, like an outsider. Anxiety, existential struggles, perfectionism, serial relationships, serial professions, chronic dissatisfaction, low self-esteem are all potential hazards for you. Your conscientiousness and analytical abilities are powerful tools when you can bring them into harmony with your intense emotional life. You may have been trying your entire life to camouflage your intensity in an effort to get acceptance. All that hiding can do lots of damage and prevent you from emerging into your optimal self. Click here to read more about counseling for gifted adults.

Click the links above and below to learn more about the services I offer. Contact me to ask any questions you may have. I do this work because I am passionate about helping outliers like you or your teen come out of hiding and embody all of their gifts.

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