Online Coaching

Well, that's easy!

You can get your coaching when and where you want it. We can use Skype, FaceTime, or the secure, HIPAA compliant

Online coaching services are great for anyone who wants the benefits of coaching with the convenience and ease of the internet. We can even use it for your initial consultation prior to beginning your coaching experience.

Who uses this service?

  • People who want to see me from their offices
  • People who are on the road a lot
  • Homeschooled teenagers
  • People who don’t live in my area, but want a coach who specializes in working with gifted clients
  • People who prefer to stay at home for whatever reason: traffic, transportation, health, child care, etc.
  • Coaching clients who want quick access to their coach anytime (with an All Access Pass)

Does it work as well as in-person?

Yes, it does. And it’s much more convenient.
No matter what’s going on in my life, I can connect with my coach. Whether I’m in Sri Lanka or my living room it’s just as convenient.

Ok, but WHO uses it?

  • Adults who want to grow into a new height in their work
  • Adolescents who want to excel academically and socially
  • Anyone who wants to find more depth in their relationships
  • Parents who want to be excellent for their gifted children
  • Anyone who is tired of feeling constrained and wants to optimize their abilities
  • Gifted people who are coming to terms with what that means
  • Adults who want to live at 100% instead of settling for less

Who would you recommend not use online coaching?

People without reliable internet access. People who have visual or auditory processing issues that make internet communications difficult.

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