Get It Together

Executive Functioning Training for Teens & Parents

So Smart, So Disorganized

Oh, the frustration!

Of having an exceptional mind that isn’t yet fully developed, that has lagging skills in working memory, impulse control, time management, emotional regulation, cognitive flexibility, self-awareness, task initiation, or just getting organized.

Get It Together is a program tailored individually to you or your teen.

We’ll assess what’s working well and what isn’t.

We’ll identify strengths and goals.

We’ll work closely together to build the necessary skills.

Contact me with your goals, and we can set up a consultation call to determine whether Get It Together is right for you, and whether you’re right for Get It Together.

When we work together, you’ll be working with a coach who:

– Has been on his own gifted journey.

– Has been through counseling and coaching to understand his gifted development.

– Is a licensed professional counselor and coach with almost twenty years of experience.

– Can keep up with you and/or your teen.

– Will not pathologize your gifted experience.

– Has a track record of success.

– Is driven to help you Get It Together.

 After our initial assessment, we can work together through all eight dimensions of Executive Function or we can focus only on the areas where you need the most help.

Let’s transcend the obstacles that are preventing you and/or your teen from success.

Let’s do this.


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