You’re ready to elevate yourself and your quality of life.

You’re ready to see your teenager focus her considerable talents.

Ready to move beyond self-help books, you’re looking for a way to embody your gifts and turn your life from good enough to excellent.

Gifted, talented, creative, asynchronous, overexcitable, twice exceptional, highly sensitive, intense, quirky… You see yourself in this list? Your teenager?

Your coach needs to be able to recognize you – SEE you. Gifted people are misunderstood. You can go for years, even decades, without knowing why you feel so different. You can feel like no one gets you. Your strengths can be pathologized by a world that doesn’t understand you.

Your perfectionism, sensitivity, and intensity are too often judged as too much. Your frustration with this dynamic is misinterpreted and miscast. People saying, “you need to have a better attitude” or “stop being so shy”.

You’ve had people tell you that you overthink things, that you’re too sensitive or too intense.

That you need to settle down.

That you have to accept mediocrity.

That less than excellent is ‘just the way it is’.

Or you’ve seen your teenager’s frustration as he struggles through academic expectations despite his overwhelming talent.

I get it. I’ve seen it, and I’ve lived it. I do this work because I’ve worked with gifted clients for years and seen them grow from frustrated to liberated, from self-critical to self-actualized.



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Maybe you camouflaged yourself, consciously toning down your curiosity, your conscientiousness. Adopting social norms even though they never felt like they fit you. A nonconformist trying to find success and acceptance in systems that too often reject those who won’t get with their program.

You may have flown under the radar in high school and underachieved in college. You may not have felt empowered by your professors, managers, family, or friends. And as for camouflaging your intensity in order to fit in? That’s what I did.

Subconsciously, all that camouflaging takes an enormous toll. Suppressing your best self can lead to all sorts of depressing and confusing outcomes. Not developing your talents and abilities can lead anyone to deep dissatisfaction with life.

I specialize in coaching gifted teens, adults, and families. Not least because I see myself in that list, and 18 years of work with gifted clients has taught me that our needs are different from about 98% of the population.

Gifted teens often struggle with organizing schoolwork, organizing time, getting things finished.

Finding a coach who sees your strengths and understands the possibilities they can help to create? Essential. Finding a coach who knows that being gifted is its own path? Crucial.

Your strengths are extraordinary.

Your wiring is different.

You operate in a society that isn’t oriented to honing and harnessing your abilities.

When we work together, you will feel understood, accepted, respected, and SEEN.

You can expect a coach who will meet you where you are.

I will recognize your strengths and your struggles from the standpoint of someone who’s been there.

Understanding the context of living gifted is essential for any coach to be able to work with you effectively.

You may have given up on school altogether. You may have become fascinated with drugs and alcohol as a way to explore consciousness, to have friends, or to turn down the volume on the intensity of your experience. You may have turned to apathy or nihilism rather than feel the pain of caring so much.

Now you’re ready to excel and apply your gifts to your passions. You’re ready to inhabit meaning and purpose in your life.

You may have chosen a path of high achievement – Straight A’s, all the sports, all the clubs, a good job, a beautiful family – and now you’re wondering why it hasn’t left you feeling fulfilled. Somehow, despite all that success, it still feels like you’re falling short.

Now you’re ready to go deeper into who you are and what’s important to you. You’re ready to embody a new definition of success.

I was raised in central Florida. A fierce reader, I looted my mother’s bookshelves.

Eventually, I became a decidedly average student who preferred social activities to academic pursuits.

But my intense desire for new experiences and meaningful living, led me from an English degree at Warren Wilson College to community reconciliation work in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

From there I continued a trajectory toward a career in service. In 2001, I graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in Community Counseling, and I’ve been a practicing counselor ever since.

While starting up a counseling practice, I stood for election to Asheville, North Carolina’s City Council, where I ended up serving for eight years.

When we connect, you can count on several things: I will listen and seek to understand exactly what you need. I will offer 18 years of counseling experience. I will see your strengths and work with you to optimize them. I will be responsive and reliable.

Let’s begin.



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