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Improv For Gifted Adults – New Series 3/27!

New Improv for Gifted Adults (I4GA) group launches on March 27, 2022! Click this link to register. For Gifted Adults, Improv provides a deep, moving, hilarious approach to practicing trust with yourself and others, transcending perfectionism, and feeling an unmatched experience of unconditional support. Participants are surprised at how game-based mirroring and supportive structures so […]

Unmasked and Laughing

New Improv for Gifted Adults group launches on May 19! Come unmasked. Discover yourself in community and in play. Transform perfectionism through spontaneity. Transcend social defenses through trust in your actual peers. Improv is a unique and hilariously effective avenue for gifted self-development. It’s a place for gifted people to show up openly – laughing […]